Partners in Prospecting

Partners in Prospecting was founded to provide NY, PA, and OH-based companies with the most effective and inexpensive way of prospecting for new customers and clients…

”Boots on the Ground” Outsourced Prospecting

In today’s business climate, salespeople have less time available for prospecting and pipeline-filling than ever before. Sales Managers find it nearly impossible to motivate and incentivize salespeople to consistently and effectively prospect for new customers. Prospecting isn’t easy and it isn’t glamorous. In fact, salespeople consistently rank prospecting as their least favorite part of the selling process.

As Sales Managers, we’ve all heard the excuses:

  • “I spend all of my time taking care of my current customers. I don’t have any time left for prospecting.”
  • “Cold calling doesn’t work in my territory.”
  • “I can’t seem to get any new appointments from my cold calls.”
  • “I make more commissions from my current customers than from new business.”
  • “I’ve tried cold calling on company XYZ, they are already working with our competition.”
  • “I have plenty of good customers already. Why do I need to fill my sales pipeline?”

Why does “Boots on the Ground” Outsourced Prospecting Work?

  • Our team of prospecting professionals has over 40 years of sales experience with both manufacturing and service-based companies, with specific expertise in packaging, chemicals, metalforming, energy, medical devices, automotive, and industrial distribution.
  • We offer short and mid-term agreements that give our customers flexibility for their evolving sales & marketing strategies.
  • We are willing to work in new territories or within an established territory that may be currently managed by an existing sales team.
  • We are not focused on receiving commissions for your products. By not pursuing commissions, we can work in harmony with your existing rep and sales network. We are a partner, helping everyone increase sales.
  • We are not a telemarketing service for lead generation or appointment scheduling. We physically cover the territory, partnering with your existing sales team to find those customers that are doing business with your competition.

To learn more about how we can grow your business, call or email Alex Moore.